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Top 10 Tips to Dating Philippine Women.

Philippine women are definitely worth every trouble that you may undergo during dating and courtship stage. They have characteristics that every man wants in a woman from beauty to being respectful and humble. However, dating Filipino women is somehow challenging especially for foreigners due to their traditions.There are pointers that if followed, you will surely make it through the dating scene despite the traditions.These pointers include:

1. Filipinas highly value family

If you want to walk herdown theaisle, you must respecther family. Be kind and courteous towards her family and they will surely approve of you.Disrespecting a Filipina’s family is an insult to her and a directdisqualification to dating her.

2. Respect her religion

The Philippines is a religious country.Regardless of your faith, you should be willing to make room for her religious beliefs.Whether she prays for long hours or dresses according to herreligious teachings, accept her religious beliefs and you will secure more dates with her.

3. Be persuasive

Naturally, some girls play hard to get to see how far you are willing to go for them. If this is the case with your Filipina date, stay strong and persuasive. Your determinationreflects how serious you are to make your Filipina date your wife someday.

4. Be open and sensitive

Dating is all about knowing each other better.Initiate honest conversations and let you date know more about you.As such, your Filipina datewill, in turn, do the same creating a deep emotional attachment. Just be yourself and be open-minded about her interests

5. Filipinas are conservative when it comes to sexual matters

Filipina women arecommitted to marriage and are very strict to the religious teachings about sex.Avoid anysubjects and physical advancement that will make a Filipina lady uncomfortable during the date.

6. Practice good grooming and hygiene

This is no exception to the Filipinas only, womengenerally admire a man who takes good care of himself, clean and mindstheir hygiene.Wear clean clothes always, take a bath, apply some cologne,clean and trim your nails, attend to your hair, basically,practice good grooming. Body odor, smelly clothes, bad breathare turn offs to girls.

7. Is she age appropriate?

You want to avoid being on the wrongside of the law.Even if a Filipina tells you her age, it is good to confirm.Finda way to acquire proof through her id.After all, it is morally wrong to date an underage.

8. Do not think low of yourself

Filipina women are looking for caring, fun, protective men. Do not think that they are out of their league.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you may have the qualities they want in a man. Be confident and courageous. That is what matters.

9. Try out karaoke

Karaoke is a good thing to do with a Filipina girl. Funny enough,the Philippines is a karaoke country.Despite not having a singing voice, knock yourself out and have fun with it.

10. Be affectionate andrespectful

While on a date, a kissshows affection but it must feel right. For a Philippines woman, a kiss on the forehead shows both respect and affection.Just make sure it is perfectly timed and they are comfortable with the gesture.

There you have them, the top ten tips you need to date a Filipina woman and win her heart.

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    Yeah Karaoke!!! beleive me ppl are very supportive irrespective of your voice.

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