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Six Things That Could Be Killing Your Chances With Filipinas

Nobody is perfect. As human beings, we’ve all learnt to deal with flaws and accept them in others. Your Filipinas date probably won’t be perfect either and that’s perfectly fine. However, there are some things that can be worked at. You wouldn’t stay with a girl who let herself go, would you? This isn’t necessarily because you’re shallow, but rather because she lacks the motivation to put effort in. This lack of effort is something that women also find unattractive. These examples will hopefully shed some light on common mistakes.

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1. Making her your last priority

It’s fine if you’re a person who likes to be organized and scheduled, but telling a girl you can only see her again in a month’s time because you’ve already scheduled things for the upcoming month, she’ll take that as a sign that you’re trying to ditch her. Evaluate what’s most important to you, going on a date with a beautiful woman or watching football and drinking beer for the third Saturday in a row?

2. Not putting effort into planning dates

Men these days are very lazy with dates. Some women claim that their boyfriends have never taken them on a proper date. This won’t go down well with Filipinas. You don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to make the date special; it’s all about the amount of effort. Something as simple as laying out a picnic spread under the stars is a great way to show her that you want to impress and spoil her.

3. Trying to play it cool

It fails time and time again, but men still think playing hard to get and the “treat them mean, keep them keen” mentality works. It might work on some girls (usually those who are insecure), but a confident Filipina women won’t beg for affection from anyone. While you’re trying to play it cool and blow her off, another man who treats her right will take your place.

4. You’re cocky

Confidence goes a long way. Filipinas are attracted to confident men, but bragging and constantly singing your own praises isn’t a sign of confidence. It’s a sign of insecurity and narcissism, which is unsurprisingly a major turn off for Filipina women and women in general.

5. You’re sexist

Not all men are sexist, but some certainly are. If you’re the type of man who wants to date a Filipina or other Asian woman because you want a woman who will be ‘docile’ and ‘submissive’, you’ll have a hard time. It’s true that Filipina women are more feminine and they do love to keep their partners happy, but they won’t take being treated as a lesser being. She is your equal, remember that.

6. You’re racist

Most men that love to date Filipinas don’t even realize when they are being racist. The racism most commonly manifests itself in the way you speak about Filipino men. Talking badly about Filipino men to make yourself seem better will not make you look better, remember that she has many Filipino male friends and family members whom she loves and respects.

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