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Chivalry Isn’t Dead, It’s The Key To Dating Successfully.

When you ask many women today about whether or not they think men are still chivalrous, the answer will most likely be no. There are many factors that contributed to the disappearance of chivalry (some of the fault is with women themselves), but why it disappeared isn’t what’s important. The most important thing is that you should go against the status quo and remain chivalrous, especially with Filipina women.

Here are a few examples of how small actions can influence your date.

1. Holding doors open

This is such a well-known act of not only chivalry, but politeness in general. Unfortunately, many men don’t do this for their dates. As a gentleman, you should always open the car door for your date and hold doors open for her. Allow her to walk in first. Walking in ahead of your date is unforgivably rude and will start the night off badly.

2. Escorting her home

It’s dangerous to be a woman in today’s world. Many dates won’t feel comfortable with you taking them home (especially on the first date), but you should always offer. If she drove there herself, offer to walk with her to her car, especially if it’s dark outside. Don’t insist if she says no thank you. The simple act of offering is enough to convince her that you’re a gentleman. Sending a text to make sure she got home safe is another way you can show that you care about her safety and well-being.

3. Being punctual

Gentlemen never keep their dates waiting. Make sure you arrive on time for your dates to show her that you’re organized and that she is important to her. Being late without a valid reason is extremely disrespectful and will lessen your chances of getting a second date. This also applies to things like phone calls. If you said you’d call her the next day, don’t wait a week. She’ll have decided that you’re not worth her time by then.

4. Be interested in her

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many men don’t show real interest in their dates. Being interested in someone is more than complimenting them and wanting to be intimate. Ask her questions about her life, listen to her without interrupting and be respectful of her opinions. For women, a good conversation with a date will always lead to them agreeing to see you again.

5. Be attentive to her needs

If you notice that she seems cold, offer her your jacket. If you notice she’s having a tough time choosing what to eat, offer suggestions. Sensing what she needs or listening to her when she complains gives you an opportunity to show that you’re attentive and will always be there to help her. This is a quality that women look for in their romantic partners.

There are more things you can do to be chivalrous towards your date, but these five tips are a good place to start.

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