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How to Chat with Your Girlfriend in the Philippines

The Philippines is an island nation found in Asia and is home to some wonderful tourist sites including sandy beaches and local cuisines. However, the Western world is turning to the country for different reasons: its beautiful women. Filipina women are among the most beautiful women and their slim and petite nature is a magnet to Western men. As such, they are rushing in large to dating sites such as Tinder hoping to hit it off with the ladies.

How to Chat with Your Girlfriend in the Philippines

However, even after getting a match with one of the ladies, that is not an assurance that it will last for long. As such, one needs some guidelines to chatting with them. So what does one need so as to chat with a girl in the Philippines? Here are some few pointers:

1. Be polite

When chatting with your girlfriend in the Philippines, it pays to be courteous. Being polite is the first step to impressing any lady, so don’t have your manners flying out the window when chatting with her. Ensure you use polite words and proper greetings and refrain from using profanities such as curse words. These will only have her disinterested in you and we wouldn’t want to see the end of your friendship would we?

2. Your first greeting

Most people would just go with ‘hi’ when first making contact with a lady. However, this isn’t engaging enough. She won’t feel motivated to reply back to your greeting. Luckily, there are some sure openers that will hook her and have her replying in no time. You could for example, text her, ‘Hi there, can I tell you something about yourself.’ This will have her eagerly waiting to hear what you have to say and thus a sure way to ensure that you don’t bore her out.

3. Interesting conversations

The length of time you spend chatting will depend on the quality of things you choose to discuss with her. If you choose topics that she’s not interested in, she won’t be chatting with you for long. So what kind of topics will have her talking herself hoarse? You could engage her on her hobbies, her favorite movies, actors and actresses and her interest; generally anything that will have her talking about herself.

4. Chatting peeves

Philippines are known to be polite. However, some habits get on their nerves, and any girl for that matter. If she’s not replying to your messages, don’t fill her inbox with hundreds of messages. Instead, send hersingle messages and leave her to reply at her own time. Girls don’t like when you keep pestering them messages.

If you were clueless on how to chat with your girlfriend in the Philippines, now you know.

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