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Four Tips For Your First Date With A Filipina

It might feel like a dream come true once you’ve set up your first date with the perfect Filipina beauty, but now a whole new challenge arises. There are so many ways to mess up a first date and the last thing you want to do is let that Filipina beauty think you’re a blundering idiot or a creep. How can you do this? Read on and remember the following on your date…

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1. Don’t be touchy

Filipina girls are often traditional and religious and even those that have become more westernized still consider physical intimacy to be something that is saved for a partner you see a future with, not every guy you go on a date with. You might think touching her and making sexual remarks will help you woo her, but in reality she will think you’re a jerk who’s only interested in her for her body.

Unless that is what you are, you don’t want her to think this. Remain respectful on your date and never push her physical boundaries. It might be different and difficult at first if you’re used to Western girls (who tend to be less concerned about these things), but it will make it all the more special when she finally does open up to you. Remember that she’s not only this way with you, she’s been this way with all guys. That means she’s the ideal candidate for a wife, since you know she has traditional values.

2. Don’t be stingy

You don’t want to date a gold digger, that’s understandable. But no girl wants to date a cheap guy either. While you don’t have to spend your life savings on a date, taking her to a nice restaurant for the first date or planning a fun activity will make a good first impression. Be sure not to talk about how much money you’re spending though, as this can sound petty. Don’t expect anything from her in return either; you should spend the money because you want to, not because you want something.

3. Listen to her

Nerves might make you babble, but nothing is more annoying than a man who doesn’t give his date a chance to speak. The first date is supposed to be a learning experience for both of you, so make sure to ask her questions and listen attentively to her answers. When she asks you questions, don’t answer them vaguely but instead respond enthusiastically. The best way to keep a conversation going is by ending everything you say with a question, so she can respond.

4. Don’t act irresponsibly

Remember that this first date will be what she bases her opinion of you on, so if you drive recklessly, get black out drunk and generally just act irresponsibly she’ll assume that’s what you’re always like. Ask yourself, would you want to go on a second date with an alcoholic? No. And she won’t want to either, even if it was the first time in years that you’ve had a drink.

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