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Filipina Dating Success: Make Your Story a Success Story.

Interracial dating can be a very intense and fulfilling adventure, provided you understand the important aspects of the other person’s culture that need to be respected. If you are an American man who hopes to earn the love of a Filipina woman, knowing what makes her tick and what is important to her can be vital to your success.

In order to understand the way to her heart, you need to understand all of the aspects of life that are close to it. Those include her family, her religion and a sense of morals and proper interaction with others.


Your Filipina lady will have grown up with a close family connection, many family get-togethers and special events that are shared with everyone. In order to show her you care, it is a good idea to be polite and warm when meeting her family. Yes, you will have to meet them – and early on. Tell jokes that are appropriate and funny. Interact with everyone and try to find some interest that you share. In no time, you will be popular with the family.

Your lady will have very strong ties to religion. Because of this, she has not dated much during her teen years. Instead, she is focused on her studies and her family life. Now that she is older and dating, she won’t want to move fast. That means no touching early on and don’t plan on heading to the bedroom anytime soon. It is important to develop a connection and show her that you are in it for the long term before you have any chance of getting intimate with her. If you aren’t in it for the long term, you won’t get much time with a Filipina goddess.

Morals and Interaction

Filipina women are raised to respect elders, address those around them with respect and in turn, they expect the same treatment. Be sure to be polite to her and her family, act like a gentleman whenever possible and take the high road when it comes to proper attitude and interaction with others.

If you show that you can act properly, be respectful and be patient in regard to intimate activities, you will make a lot of headway with a Filipina lady.

Finally, once you have addressed all of these areas and shown your woman that you can respect her upbringing, her beliefs and her way of life, there is a fun element that might surprise you. Most Filipina women have a love for karaoke. So, get your singing voice ready and be prepared to get into karaoke nights with the family.

You can make an interracial relationship work with a woman from the Philippines if you are prepared to be respectful and take your time. Show her your true character and be ready to back that up with actions over and over again. From there, it is a matter of time until love wins out and you are truly happy with your soulmate.

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